5th / 6th / Arthur / Maurice

Project Description

Major Changes

  • There is now traffic coming north on Madison in the lane added next to Jeannette Rankin Park.
  • There's a traffic signal – red, yellow, green – at the foot of the bridge at 5th Street. Decide early if you're traveling straight through on Arthur or turning right on 5th.
  • Traffic is two-way between 5th and 6th streets on Arthur. At 6th Street, drivers choose to continue straight ahead or turn left on 6th to approach campus.
  • The 6th/Arthur intersection is the heart of the improvements. Eastbound Highway 12 traffic will now be able to turn north on Arthur and go over the Madison Street bridge, instead of having to travel the pedestrian- and bicycle-intense area on Maurice Avenue. Drivers traveling north on Arthur can choose to turn right on 6th Street to go to the campus or continue north over the bridge with the option of turning left on 5th Street at the foot of the bridge.
  • Maurice Avenue will now have two-way traffic between 5th and 6th streets and new protected, two-way bike lanes. Look for the new stop sign at 5th Street and Maurice. Only one lane will continue north over the bridge from there.

See major changes on a map of the project area.

Additional Features

  • Protected crosswalks and bike lanes and amenities.
  • New push button-integrated devices at the intersections of 5th and 6th streets with Arthur are designed for pedestrians who are visually impaired.
  • Many of the features for bicyclists will be more apparent in 2012 when green epoxy paint is put down after the streets are chip-sealed.

Collaboration and Funding

The University of Montana and the City of Missoula have worked hard with the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) to solve safety and traffic problems in this campus gateway area. UM is funding most of the project with a $1.25 million Special Improvement District in the neighborhood, for which UM will pay all of the assessments.

The city and MDT will each contribute about $200,000 in labor and materials. City crews will provide street restoration with milling and paving, and MDT will furnish and fund the installation of a new traffic signal at the corner of Fifth Street and Arthur Avenue.

Construction Information

Construction was completed and the streets were reopened on August 26, 2011.

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