Current Projects in City Planning

 We also have a list of recently completed projects from the last five years. Below is a list of current projects:  

  • Signs and Terminology update –

    On October 2, 2017 the Missoula City Council held a public hearing regarding and adopting amendments to the Signs (20.75) and Terminology (20.100) sections of Title 20 Zoning, bringing the sections into compliance with a US Supreme court decision requiring all sign codes across the country to be content-neutral in their application. Additional amendments included updating the sections to be consistent with other Municipal codes, and clarifying language were also adopted. The current Signs (20.75) and Terminology (20.100) regulations can be found online in Title 20.    


  • Annual Title 20 (Zoning) Update

      – The 2018 Title 20 Update project is now out for Agency and Interested party comment, comments are due back to Development Services by March 19.  The Planning Board will hold a public hearing on April 3, 2018 with a City Council hearing in June. Send comments to Jen Gress.

  • Brooks Street Corridor Study Plan Complete

    - The City of Missoula Development Services, with assistance from New Mobility West, the Missoula Redevelopment Agency, Missoula Urban Transportation District, Missoula Midtown Association, and PUMA (Progressive Urban Management Associates) seeks to identify approaches that can help Brooks Street become a more transit and pedestrian-friendly corridor. Development along the corridor is underway and the time is right to begin considering opportunities to improve transportation and development planning in the area.

    The study process has been completed and the final report will be available in Late December.

  • Missoula Design Excellence -

    The City of Missoula along with a consultant team led by Winter & Company, will define a character management strategy. Visit the project webpage for details.