Bike Registration & Recovery


The Missoula Bicycle / Pedestrian Office offers bicycle registration as a free service. The two main benefits of bicycle registration are:

  • Easily identify and return stolen bicycles to their rightful owners, and
  • Identify persons, especially children, in the event of a crash.

Registering your bike is easy! 

Bicycle Registration is online! Complete the new online form at your convenience and submit information with the click of a button. Need assistance? We will help you complete the online form during regular business hours at City Hall - Development Services 435 Ryman Street.

Your registration form must include a valid mailing address.

Bicycle Registration sticker(s) will be mailed via the US Post Office within 2 weeks.


New Look!

The new stickers have arrived and sport a fresh look. Rounded edges will improve adhesion and they are slightly smaller in size measuring 1.75" x 2.5"


The City of Missoula recovers found and abandoned bicycles and, by law, holds them for at least 30 days if the value is under $20 and at least 90 days if the value is over $20. If a recovered bike is registered, we can contact the owner immediately and coordinate returning the bicycle.

If the recovered bicycle is not registered and valued over $20, the City will hold the bike for at least 90 days, at which time it is eligible to be sold. Recovered bikes are sold at periodic auctions and at the Missoula Bike Swap.

If your bike is missing, file a police report. These police reports help us return bicycles to their owners. We double check all recovered bicycles against these police reports before any bike is brought to auction or the swap.

Please visit the front desk of the police department to see if we have recovered your bicycle. They keep pictures of the recovered bikes, so with your police report and a good description of the bike, they can often help you right then and there. You may also come to our office for assistance looking in the recovered bike room for your bicycle.