Tourist Home

On November 3rd, 2016, new rules for Tourist Homes went into effect. Tourist Homes are now allowed in all residential and commercial zoning districts in the city and must be registered with Development Services in City Hall.

What is a Tourist Home?

 A Tourist Home is a private home or condominium that is not occupied by an owner or manager and is rented, leased or furnished in its entirety to guests on a daily or weekly basis. Tourist Homes are sometimes called vacation rentals. 

The new rules do not apply to the rental of only a bedroom or bedrooms within an occupied dwelling unit.  The new rules do not apply to the rental of an entire dwelling unit on a monthly or yearly basis.  

Registration Process

A one page, double sided application is required with your registration fee.  Staff are available to help answer questions and complete required information.  You will need to know your zoning designation and dwelling unit square footage. You will also need to identify an individual (either a property owner or property manager) as the local responsible party and identify contact information for all persons (address, email and telephone).

Registration Fee

Initial registration of a Tourist Home is $52.00  The annual renewal of a Tourist Home is $27.00 and can be done online.  Registration fees are non-refundable and required at the time of application.  Registrations are not pro-rated and expire on January 31st of each year.

Contact Information

Development Services
435 Ryman, Missoula 

Forms & Checklists

Tourist Home Registration Form
Tourist Home Inspection Checklist

Other Contacts

City County Health Department
301 W Alder, Missoula

MT Department of Revenue
Citizen Services Call Center

Compliance with New Rules

Tourist Home operators must meet rules identified in the City Ordinance, including but not limited to:
   -  Notification of all property owners within 150 feet of the Tourist Home property boundary line.
   -  Compliance with housing safety code.
   -  Maximum occupancy of one guest per 150 square feet of floor area.

Tourist Home operators must also obtain a Public Accommodations License from the Missoula City County Health Department and register a Lodging Facility Sales and Use Tax account with the Montana Department of Revenue.


Please remind your guests that they are staying in a residential area and request they respect your neighbor's enjoyment of their properties. Repeated violations of City Ordinances will result in revocation of the right to operate a Tourist Home.

      Direct complaints about unregistered Tourist Homes to Development Services 406.552.6630
      You may also complete a Citizen Complaint Form.

      Direct complaints about nuisance issues at a Tourist Home to the Missoula City Police Department 
      Non emergencies 406.258.3452    Emergencies 911

Additional Information and Resources

Operation of a Tourist Home may be prohibited by homeowner association covenants, condominium by-laws, or other contracts and agreements not governed by the City of Missoula. Check before you register.
Standard homeowner's insurance does not cover short-term rental use. Check to make sure you have adequate home, personal property, and liability insurance.