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Design Excellence proposed zoning overlay is available for final review!

The Design Excellence project is in its final stage of review and approval processes.  Several public meetings and/or hearings will be held in order for approval of this project to be achieved. Dates and times will be updated on this website as the project move forward.

Comments are welcome throughout the remainder of the process and can be submitted by using the comment form or by emailing design@ci.missoula.mt.us

The Final Public Review Documents are now available for review: 

There are several public review draft materials that make up the overall project.

  1. The Design Excellence Overlay document, including a General chapter and the standards for the DE-Downtown Overlay and the DE-Corridor Overlay, are proposed additions to the current Title 20 zoning code and will undergo review by Planning Board and adoption consideration by City Council. 
  2. Associated other Title 20 amendments include proposed changes to the Design Review procedures and Design Review Board and will undergo review by Planning Board and adoption consideration by City Council. 
  3. The website also includes the proposed district boundary maps of where the specific Overlay Sub-districts would be applied throughout the City. The proposal to apply new district boundary overlays does not change the underlying zoning district base uses.
The associated Design Excellence Manual provides additional flexible guidelines to be used for review of projects triggering Design Excellence Review (DER), and will be considered as a resolution by the City Council. Projects not triggering DER will follow already established zoning review processes.

An economic analysis was conducted by the consultant group Urban Advisors, which analyzes the standards proposed for the Design Excellence zoning overlay, and may be read here

Public Open House - Review of Proposed District Boundary Maps

Thanks to the people who participated in the recent Open Houses on October 16th.

Please continue to contact our office with any further questions that you may have about the Design Excellence overlay. Visit the Public Review and Comment page for more information on how to submit comment. 

To view the information boards that were presented at the Open Houses, click here

Additional Zoning Amendments

Some properties in or adjacent to the proposed Design Excellence overlay are currently zoned in districts that should be updated to the current Title 20 zoning code in order to function within this proposal. Specifically, the /EC overlay is proposed to be repealed and City Special District #2 is proposed to be rezoned.

View additional information on the proposed Special District #2 rezoning.