Fire & Injury Prevention

Protect Your Family and Home
The Missoula Fire Department provides free defensible space consultations in the Missoula wild land urban interface. You can call 406-552-6210 during normal business hours to schedule a consultation. You can also use these resources to prepare your home and protect your family and pets from wild land fires.

Ready, Set, Go Program
Ready: Mitigation & Readiness
Set: Evacuation Preparedness
Go: Evacuation
Photo Gallery
Pictures of some saves and losses during wildland fire season:
Smoke Detector Program
Our Smoke Detector Program goal is to assure that every residence in Missoula, whether house, apartment, condo, or duplex, has a working smoke detector. To date, we have provided over 12,000 smoke detectors and over 30,000 batteries during our door-to-door campaign.

The Missoula Fire Department's Smoke Detector Program (started in 1998) starts in May and will usually run through the start of school in September. Look for firefighters coming to your door to check your smoke detector. If you need a detector or assistance installing a detector, call 406-552-6210 during normal business hours and we will make sure you get one.

Our thanks to those of you who have helped make Missoula safer by allowing us in your home to check your detector, and especially to those businesses who helped us purchase detectors and batteries.
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
For installation or questions about your carbon monoxide (CO) detector, please call 406-552-6210 during normal business hours.

At Risk Children (Juvenile Fire-setter Counseling / Program)
We provide both basic and court ordered counseling for children or adolescents who engage in fire setting. For questions or to schedule an appointment please call 406-552-6210 during normal business hours.

School Programs and Education

We participate with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) in teaching fire safety to students in Missoula County. In the fall we visit kindergarten classes with the Firefighter Frank Puppet Show. In the spring we visit first grade classes and teach Match Safety.

We can also schedule engine visits and station tours. To schedule contact us during normal business hours at (406) 552-6210.

MCFPA also has a safety demonstration trailer available.

Additional Resources