Farviews / Pattee Canyon

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  • Northern edge: westward, beginning at the intersection of Pattee Canyon Drive and South Higgins Avenue where it becomes S.W. Higgins Avenue, around the curve along the south / odd-numbered side of S.W. Higgins Avenue, to its intersection with Hillview Way.
  • Western edge: southward, along the east / even-numbered side of Hillview Way, up the hill to, and including both sides of, Woodbine Place and Landon’s Way.
  • Southern edge: eastward, including both sides of Parkview Way and Marilyn Court to Whitaker Drive, southward up the hill to the top and southern boundary of Mansion Heights, eastward again to include all of Mansion Heights, then northward down the hill following the city / county boundary line to and along the eastern edge of Hemayagan Park, then eastward again along the city / county boundary line and the southern edge of Takima-Kokaski Park to Pattee Canyon Drive.
  • Eastern edge: northward, down both sides of Pattee Canyon Drive including Canyon Gate Drive, Hillcrest Loop, and West Hillcrest Drive, to the intersection with South Higgins Avenue where it then curves and becomes S.W. Higgins Avenue.
  • View the Farviews/Pattee Canyon Neighborhood Council map.

What is important to Farviews/Pattee Canyon Neighbors?

  • Urban Interface (Deer, Lions, Bears, Fire Danger) 
  • Pedestrian Crossing
  • Traffic Calming 
  • Shrubbery Issues 
  • Gateway Park Project 
  • Traffic Light at Pattee Creek/Canyon Dr and Higgins
  • Snow and Leaf Removal
  • Signal Box (Phone Box, Power Box) Art

Ward 4

The Farviews/Pattee Canyon neighborhood is located in Ward 4. View the Missoula Neighborhood Council Ward Map, or to learn more, visit the Missoula City Council web page.
  1. Happy Thanksgiving from Parks and Recreation!

    This Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to those who make our community a great place to live, work and play.
  2. Leaf collection runs Oct. 30 through Dec. 1

    Yes, we are still collecting leaves, and so far we're still on schedule, though follow-up sweeping is delayed by cold. We're in Area 2 through the coming week of Nov. 13. Crews are plowing snow too. To request pickup of leaf piles, call us at 552-6360. More info...
  3. Parking citations? Donate food!

    During November, the Missoula Parking Commission is accepting donations of non-perishable foods to go toward payment of outstanding citations. The food is going to the Missoula Food Bank. Learn more about the most needed donations. Learn more...
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