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The Impact Fee Advisory Committee is responsible for calculating, assessing, and spending impact fees and advising the City of Missoula governing body with respect to these impact fee revenues as provided by Montana state law.


  • Nine members
  • Four-year terms
    • Seven appointed by the Mayor, subject to City Council confirmation
    • Two appointed by City Council

Membership includes a development community representative, a certified public accountant and all members are required to be residents of Missoula County. 

Members Start of Term End of Term
Mayoral Appointees          n/a         n/a
Hank Trotter Dec. 1, 2016 Nov. 30, 2020
Nick Kaufman (Development Community Rep) Dec. 1, 2016 Nov. 30, 2020
Bruce Bender Feb 13, 2017 Nov. 30, 2020
John Freer Dec. 1, 2016 Nov. 30, 2020
Jim Galipeau (Certified Public Accountant) Dec. 1, 2018 Nov. 30, 2022
Jerry Ford Dec. 1, 2018 Nov. 30, 2022
Maria Chesnut Dec. 1, 2018 Nov. 30, 2022
City Council Appointees           n/a         n/a
Derek Goldman Jan. 23, 2017 Nov. 30, 2020
Dwight Easton April 15, 2019 Nov. 30, 2023


City Council Committee

Administration and Finance

For more information, please call (406) 552-6110.


Position vacancies are advertised in the media approximately one month in advance. Interested in serving on a board? These are the vacant positions we are recruiting now.